Wedding Ceremony Highlights

carolwebpicturewpe11Any of us, Fr. Jim,  Rev. Carol or Rev Cheri are happy to marry couples of any faith, belief or sexual orientation.  Fr. Jim can bring the unofficial priestly presence for couples where either or both have a Catholic background and can’t get married in the Church or are choosing not to for one reason or another. We go to your location, unless the wedding is very small and includes 4 to 6 people; in that case you may come to our home for the ceremony.
Each of us likes to meet with the couple, if possible, shortly after the initial contact, to get to know each other and talk about your desires for the ceremony. Our goal is to make the ceremony your own.

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All of us like to arrive at the wedding 30 minutes in advance. Most weddings tend to start a few minutes late because of guests still arriving. We generally sign the license immediately following the ceremony Short notice is also accepted, depending upon availability. If we are not available, we are happy to offer referral information to other married priests or ministers if desired.  A three to four week Premarital Counseling Preparation/Wedding Preparation Service is available as requested.

Full Ceremony

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