Rev Carol Hushek

I grew up in a Catholic household and always wanted to be a Priest. As God would have it, I married one instead! I have been on an amazing spiritual journey for the past 30+ years and part of that growth led me to a strong desire to work side by side with my husband in the wedding ministry. After 25 years of marrying over 2,000 couples, Fr. Jim passed away in 2019. Since then, my daughter and I decided to continue with “Comfortable Weddings” as an homage to him. I had been a counselor for 20+ years, giving help and hope to emotionally injured people and came to realize that it would certainly be a nice balance in my life.

Rev Cheri Sadler

I was raised Catholic. The last several years, I practice practical Christianity, and am a student of A Course in Miracles. I was a Prayer Chaplain for 4 years, and still informally today. I am always mindful of holding space and praying for the highest and best for others, seeing everyone as whole and complete. We are all children of God. Being accepted as a Minister in the Federation of Christian Ministries was an honor. My Stepfather, Father Jim, inspired me to apply. Since his passing in 2019, my Mom and I decided to continue with ‘Comfortable Weddings’ as a homage to him (and because we love it!). I have been officiating weddings of various sizes and themes for 5 years.

Fr John Cunningham

I have been officiating at weddings since 1990. Although I have celebrated in the West Valley, I primarily like to cover the East Valley for our Comfortable Weddings team. I believe in a married priesthood and even believe in having woman deacons and Priests in the Catholic Church. We haven’t achieved that goal yet, however our current Pope Francis has been floating around some ideas particularly for South America. I feel your wedding is a sacrament. Whenever a couple love one another, that love is grounded in God’s love, no matter where a couple choose to marry. I will be including my Catholic beliefs, background and experience to your ceremony!