Rev Carol’s Story


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I grew up in a Catholic household and always wanted to be a Priest. As God would have it, I married one instead! I have been on an amazing spiritual journey for the past 30+ years and part of that growth led me to a strong desire to work side by side with my husband in the wedding ministry. After 25 years of marrying over 2,000 couples, Fr. Jim passed away in 2019. Since then, my daughter and I decided to continue with “Comfortable Weddings” as an homage to him.

I had been a counselor for 20+ years, giving help and hope to emotionally injured people and came to realize that it would certainly be a nice balance in my life to be part of a joyous occasion where two people give each other the ultimate gift of love … a commitment to spend their lives growing together with God. My background also allows me to offer premarital counseling if a couple so desires. After a lot of soul searching and prayer, I made a decision to become a minister through the Federation of Christian Ministries and have been officiating at weddings for over 15 years. I absolutely LOVE being part of a couple’s special day as God’s witness.

I am grateful for the opportunity to celebrate such a beautiful occasion whether it is just the couple and 2 witnesses, a group of 200 or somewhere in between. No matter what your faith or lack thereof, I try to make your wedding ceremony (with your help) as personal to you as possible. After all, it is YOUR day, not mine!