Our goal is to make the fee fair to both you the couple and myself and my family.  Our intent and goal is to give the same high level of service in spirit and energy in every wedding. Our standard fees cover the following:

  • Meet with the Bride and Groom to discuss all aspects of the wedding ceremony.
  • Finalize ceremony plans with an additional meeting, by phone or email.
  • Arrive 30-45 minutes prior and lead the wedding ceremony.
  • Mail in the bottom portion of license to be recorded.
  • Prices may vary, please contact us directly for a quote.


Standard Fee

Discounts Available! $100 Deposit to hold date is included in fee amount. 


Rehearsal Fee

My attendance is not generally required, but I am happy to attend.  


Typical Travel Fee

This applies for weddings outside the Valley. Please contact me directly about travel required for wedding.