249878_1818537619537_1123044586_31596130_6264818_nI was raised Catholic. In my adult years, I practice Practical Christianity, beleiving in Original Blessing instead of Original Sin. I am a student of A Course in Miracles as well. I was a Prayer Chaplain at Unity of Phoenix for 4 years, allowing me to hold space and pray for the highest and best for others, whether in a group or one on one prayer. My goal every day is to lead a spirit led life, and I have a passion for learning more about who I am and why I do the things I do so I can be a better person every day! I am blessed to have a Mom and Step Dad that are on a similar spiritual path. I have followed in their footsteps to become a licensed Minister through the Federation of Christian Ministries. I have Officiated at several wedding ceremonies over the past few years and am humbled and thrilled to be a part of your special day.